Brief presentation of the video material ❯

Brief presentation of the video material

This video that you will see is a sample of specific cognitive coaching soccer (european football) game and part of my extended method that I called "Technical development in cognitive framework".

Because the number of cognitive exercises in the workout it grew increasingly more, it was reached at the cognitive soccer or cognitive football (Europe) concept, where my method could be part of.

In the demo material are presented some exercises, namely:Exercises of the method itself (with a stimulus and more stimulus) that works normally in the first year of implementation, then some exercises from "special exercises" chapter, namely: drills performed by two players, rondo technical-tactical in a cognitive frame, goalkeeper drills; the demo material will be ending with images that want to highlight the core of the method imagined by me.
Theory of the method
Theory of the method The method that i imagined is called "Technical Development in cognitive framework " and proposes  a new approach of training, namely a form of cognitive and technical training executed in the same time. It consists in the execution of technical gestures from soccer (european football), gestures which are triggered by the appearance of certain stimuli (tactile, visual, auditory) and it is part of a mixed type of learning which is located between the analytical learning and the global learning.
Demo 2 ❯

In demo 2 it is a very concise summary of the method called: "Agility and technical speed in a cognitive framework".

This is a new method imagined by the author, that follows essentially the same direction of the cognitive training. As you can see from the title, this new method includes exercises that contain simultaneously an agility part and a technical part, both of it beeing developed in a cognitive perimeter.

Jan Dragne, is a physical education teacher and soccer (european football) U.E.F.A. coach licensed since 2004 and the author of the methodological proposal called „Technical development in a cognitive framework”.

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