Theory of the method

Summary of the method theory

The method that i imagined is called "Technical Development in cognitive framework " and proposes  a new approach of training, namely a form of cognitive and technical training executed in the same time.

It consists in the execution of technical gestures from soccer (european football), gestures which are triggered by the appearance  of certain stimuli (tactile, visual, auditory) and it is part of a mixed type of learning which is located  between the analytical  learning  and  the global learning.

At  an advanced  level  of  the method, in the same  exercise is made  the transition  from mixed  learning  to the global learning (the presence of the  active opponent).

As benefits of this kind of training would be on one hand the development of cognitive abilities (perception,representation of the movement, attention, reasoning, memory, intelligence, decision making, etc) and on the other hand the development of certain technical elements of soccer and especially  of the ball receiving.

Practically  I am  talking  about the soccer technical drills  whith an increased cognitive component.

Generally  the exercises presented can be used as the technical speed drills (developing  the speed with the ball), but the effort area  that  the method covers is larger,  later at a more advanced  level of the method , in only one exercise could  be attended  larger groups of players or the entire team.

The entire method includes around 150 exercises that are distributed in 8 chapters.

In the video summary that follows are presented  44 drills and around 11 of 19 stimuli  that operates  across the method so far .

It can be applied starting with the age of about 12 years and could have  easily  his place in the integral  training  concept .

The method can be used both by juniors  and professionals  soccer players  and  among the best advantages  it is the fact that  offers a concrete means to working simultaneously  in the field  both the cognitive  and   the technical aspect, and sometimes the tactical part ( see the  special exercises  chapter).

Jan Dragne, is a physical education teacher and soccer (european football) U.E.F.A. coach licensed since 2004 and the author of the methodological proposal called „Technical development in a cognitive framework”.

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