Brief presentation of the video material

This video that you will see is a sample of specific cognitive coaching soccer (european football) game and part of my extended method that I called "Technical development in cognitive framework".

Because the number of cognitive exercises in the workout it grew increasingly more, it was reached at the cognitive soccer or cognitive football (Europe) concept, where my method could be part of.

The method which i propose includes more than 150 exercises and these are designed to develop simultaneously the cognitive capacities of soccer player (sensation, perception, representation, reasoning, attention, memory, intuition, imagination, etc), and technical skills of the soccer game (driving ball, the pass, the shot) but especially the oriented control (take-over).

In other words the exercises will be a means for developing the mechanism of perception-decision (perception-analysis-decision making) and in the same time a means for developing the specific soccer skills.

This video summary of the method contains 44 exercises in which are used only 11 from 19 stimuli that appear along the entire method.

The filmed material begins with the specific warm-up for the method, continued with the presentation of the stimuli that appear across the video summary.

After stimuli presentation follows the presentation of the exercises, which are divided in exercises of the method itself and in "special exercises" ( special drills).

The special exercises include cognitive drills executed individually, cognitive drills performed by two players (pairs), cognitive exercises performed by several players (micro groups), cognitive exercises for large groups, and rondo technical-tactical exercises in a cognitive framework.

The goalkeeper cognitive drills can be viewed separately and are also included in the category of special exercises.

This method of training as perhaps you've already noticed above, can be seen both as a means for individual football training and as a means of training for the entire group, being targeted equally to the offensive and defensive football players.

Each filmed drill is preceded by an explanation, and in this explanation the presence of various stimuli is encoded using symbols like ( S3, S5, S11 .... etc).

A careful study of stimuli presentation is a very important tool for a better understanding exercises.

Jan Dragne, 50 years old is a physical education teacher and soccer (european football) U.E.F.A. coach licensed since 2004 and the author of the methodological proposal called „Technical development in a cognitive framework”.

© Copyright Jan Dragne 2016