In the demo material are presented some exercises, namely:Exercises of the method itself (with a stimulus and more stimulus) that works normally in the first year of implementation, then some exercises from "special exercises" chapter, namely: drills performed by two players, rondo technical-tactical in a cognitive frame, goalkeeper drills; the demo material  will be ending with images that want  to highlight  the core of the method imagined by me.

The drill performed by 2 players runs as a competition between them in which the two players are both defenders and attackers(3-4 reps for each player and change their roles) so it can be assimilated as a drill for technical speed. 

If I m reffering  to the 2 rondos you can see that these can be classed as a form of integral training, by working simultaneously on the physical ,technical ,cognitive and tactical part.

So, in the given exemple, using the visual stimuli  it can be trained even from the warm up the switching  positions  between the players in defence respectively  the avoiding  of the off-side postion.

Regarding the goal-keeper drills I wanted to prove that the method  fits here both for the foot play (really called now) and  for the others  goalkeeper's specific technical elements.

The “essence” highlights   basically  what brings this method,the presence of stimuli producing a harder analysis of information, fact that is leading  to a more difficult  making  decision and consequently  to an execution made in crisis time .

In my opinion the crisis time “pushes“ the player to perform the technical element faster than usually.

 So,in the first two images of the “essence“ and at the 2nd drill from the “goalkeeper  exercises“ because of the hesitation regarding the make decision you can see a kind of  imperceptible trembling  at the legs level .

This fact is called last second change  decision  (lasts three to four tenths of second),  being in fact an adjustment in what concerning  the decision making  and  at the same time a good feedback  for us that  the exercise we use is efective for the cognitive training.

As well  this "trembling" in my opinion can be a stimulating factor  for the increasing  of the reaction and gestural speed, the "contradiction" in decision making ,stimulating  the circulation  of  the  nervous  impulses and acting  as a revulsive  for the movements!

Jan Dragne, is a physical education teacher and soccer (european football) U.E.F.A. coach licensed since 2004 and the author of the methodological proposal called „Technical development in a cognitive framework”.

© Copyright Jan Dragne 2016